TETRASTOP® is a biorational product for the management of insect and mite pests.
It is a benign but effective product based on sesquiterpene alcohols and adjuvants, all of which are widely used in cosmetics, flavorings, fragrances and pharmaceuticals.

TETRASTOP® is being used for controlling Tetranychid mites but also against insects with soft exoskeleton such as scale insects (e.g. Marchalina  hellenica). Tests have proven it effective for controlling white flies, thrips, and certain aphid species. tetrastop-group-2
 tetrastop-group-1  tetrastop-group-3
Tetrastop: spider-mite pheromone
Mode of action
TETRASTOP® attracts the mite’s mobile forms.  In cases of high infestation, when used in conjunction with other acaricides or insecticides increases their efficacy over 20%. Generally it acts as behavior modifying agent as well as a desiccating one. Soft bodied insects and mites are protected against dehydration by means of a thin hydrophobic layer. TETRASTOP® distorts this layer allowing thus its active ingredients to enter the body of the target pest.
TETRASTOP® does not lead to development of resistance. As a result it is a fail-proof selection to be included in Integrated Pest Management programs where alternation of biocides is required.
TETRASTOP® is compatible with most acaricides. Besides terpenes, the product’s active ingredients, also contains surfactants so during its use no other surfactants, emulsifiers or wetting agents are needed.

Tetrastop presentation English Edition

Tetrastop presentation Arabic Edition


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