Pheromones – Dispensers

High quality pheromones for monitoring  insect populations in arable crops, amenity parks and groves, lawns and gardens, stored products and forest ecosystems.

Novagrica specializes in pheromone production from high quality chemicals and raw material.

Advantages of pheromones produced by Novagrica

  • they are produced using high quality chemicals
  • they are formulated by experienced personnel at the time of order
  • they are not stored, thus ensuring the quality and maximize storage duration
  • modern instrumentation and up-to-date methodology are employed

Products are available in the Greek market but also in many countries throughout Europe, Northern Africa, Middle East, and the Far East. Pest control and new methods in pheromone microencapsulation are the main focal points for the development of the company.

Specially designed dispensers, that are constantly improved by utilizing new materials for:

  • more constant rate
  • longer duration
  • controlled release for up to 6 months (in certain cases)


Dispenser Types
Red natural

rubber septa
dispenser vial 300
PET vials with ceramic wick
Gray halobutyl septa
cellulose dispenser
Cellulose strips 
polyethylene vial dispensers-2


polypropylene vial dispensers -2



mini pouches

 Organogels, biopolymers

Constant development of new types of dispensers using polymers and bio-polymers for the inclusion and gradual release of pheromone attractants and other bioactive compounds.

The use of pheromones as means to detect fluctuation of pest populations is a very powerful tool for the timely detection of insect populations well before the first symptoms of infestations become noticeable.

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